Evaluate Day

Personal diary and life analysis tool

An elegant and flexible application for tracking any parameters of your life, for keeping journals and conducting analyses of all indicators.

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Evaluate Day the best app for personal analytics
With Evaluate Day, you can track a history of your life in figures. Create your unique set of cards, sort them however you like and record all the changes every day. You will get an objective picture of your progress; you will clearly understand all changes and will be able to make timely corrections.
Data Adding and Time Travel

Data. Simple and quick process for adding data and unlimited variations of card sets

Evaluate Day works on iPhone and iPad, so you will be able to record changes in the cards. No matter where you are, create lists or add notes to your journal.

Easy data adding process. You can change data in the past, so easy as in the present.

Time Travel. Add missing data in past. It's super easy like the adding data in present

Share. The ability to quickly tell your friends about your progress directly from the application in the form of an illustrative picture

Powerful analytics for each card and powerful export features
Evaluate Day’s simple instruments make the analytic process easy and convenient. You immediately see changes and can correct your actions
Data gathered using Evaluate Day belong only to you, so you can export them into CSV, TXT or JSON files and analyze them more in detail using any software that is convenient for you
Create a mood with the aid of the application.

Fantastic application themes for creating more appropriate atmospheres and even more themes in the future.
Make your mood with cool themes
Features that you will love
Security, notifications, in-app sounds, and many more settings in Evaluate Day app
Notifications. Reminders that you set up yourself and at your convenience
Security. Password protection for the application
Unlimited variations of card sets and Archiving of unused cards.
Simple and reliable synchronization on multiple devices via iCloud
Explore All Cards
Crirerion 100 | Evaluate Day
Rate any of the criteria from your life on a 100-point scale
Check In | Evaluate Day
Record the places you visit
List | Evaluate Day
Keep lists of anything; for example, purchases or deals for achieving a goal
Tracker | Evaluate Day
Track and mark all kinds of recurrent actions
Crirerion 10 | Evaluate Day
Rate any of the criteria from your life on a 10-point scale
Journals | Evaluate Day
Keep a diary, jot down ideas or write a book
Color | Evaluate Day
It can create a mood and characterize different aspects of life
Phrase | Evaluate Day
A short and concise phrase or idea that won’t get lost
Crirerion 3 | Evaluate Day
You can also use a 3-point scale; there’s a convenient scale for each criterion
Counter | Evaluate Day
It can keep count of the different parameters. You can run a daily counter (e.g. water drunk per day) or sum data over all time (e.g. savings)
Goal | Evaluate Day
Set a goal and track your progress toward achieving it
Habit | Evaluate Day
Form habits with the help of continual monitoring and reminders
Open source and localization
Open Source and Localization
Evaluate Day is the Open Source app. View source code on GitHub
You can help us with localization on your language. Check localization status here